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September 02, 2008



Ewww! Was the kid on a power trip? Were they trying to freak you out?


Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk

No no no no no. Why was she giggling? Someone should pull her head off by the sounds of things! Gah


um, yes. i vote for wicked witch of the west.


I stumbled into your blog today while exploring blogher. I loved your post. I teach 10th grade and am curious how old this student was.



I am glad you found me, too!! Your blog is GREAT...mine if super nerdy!! I'll have to work on that!



LOL, Kimberly! No powertrip, just wanting to share about her weekend.

You guys are all making me feel so much better about how grossed out I was.

Phhhst...She's an 8th grader.


Oh. My. God.

That is just PLAIN WRONG! I would have been freaking out and now I am going to think about the poor birds all day. How the hell would it not be painful to have your head ripped off I want to know?? Poor things...but then I am not into hunting either....

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