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August 25, 2008


Chris Cactus

Hope you get some relief soon. I don't know how single moms do it.


The title of this post makes me hungry. Yeurgh.

Missing hubby is such a hard one...and wow, that is a loooong time to have him gone. Hang in there - we've got your back! Sanity wise anyway. I'm too far away to come and do dishes.


How clever. I thought when I read your title that you were sharing a recipe. Instead I got a very fun post about missing your husband. I love it. My husband just returned from a 2 week trip to England, and I so emphatize with you. I hope you get him back soon. And keep pushing for the Canon Rebel. I have one and it is so worth it.

Jo Beaufoix

Hi Jen. Thanks for your comment on my Annex post and so sorry about your dad. I'm sure he knew though. I know my sister and brother love me because they show me instead of tell me. And your kids are adorable. I hope their Daddy comes home soon. In the mean time all I can suggest is chocolate. :D


Hi Jen, I do all those same things to take advantage of the times my husband goes out of town - but I know what you mean, it wears thin very quickly.

It's time to wrap up the Summer Reading Groupies! Come by my blog to share what you read this summer.


Hopefully Chris is either home now, or will be on his way shortly! I'm sure it's been a long couple of weeks. I get bugged when Aaron has to work late. I wouldn't do well at all if he left for a couple of weeks, lol.
Enjoy the long weekend :)


ah, yes. the single parent gig. i feel for ya, hon...i do the occasional one to two week solo parenting, and i have not a blessed clue how single mums (or dads) manage. i do think it's gotten easier as the kids have grown older, even if there are more of them now.

hope he's back by now. and chris, the photog gear is a fair trade-off. you might need to throw in a camera bag, too.


Hi! I had to smile reading this post. In this world where most couples I know are fighting and don't even enjoy each other's company it is very refreshing to see how much you love your husband, and his stinky socks! I did the single parent thing for over a year - Mark would leave on SUnday night and get home late Thur night. (Insurance salesman) He missed MANY of our Chloe's "firsts" - I would sometimes pretend YES HONEY, THAT IS HER FIRST SMILE...just so he didn't feel so bad. Love your blog.

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