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August 08, 2008



Just thinks of all the horrible parents out there who would've said, "Shut up and eat your cereal bar, kid." Evey's so lucky to have a mum who loves her to bits and wants her to be happy. You're a fabulous mum for that reason alone!

Renee aka MekhisMom

I am sure that situation was difficult. Out of the mouth of babes....you handled it well.

Not Just Any Jen

Jen, hugs, I know this must have been a tough way your start your day. It is so wonderful that Evey has such fond memories of him.

erin {thevintage pearl}

brought tears to my eyes. it's great that she will always have some sweet memories of him :)


bless you, sweet jen. wish i could be there to hug you.


Oh man, what a heartbreaker. Just so you know, I've had a similar conversation about my dad with Zoey. And all of our grandparents, etc. The only thing that makes it possible to explain is the purity of the question, and the acceptance of the answer.


okay...i'm totally crying. peace and blessings to you, jen....and sweet evey.


Wow...I'm glad that dad got to spend a litte time with Ben too. I'm struggling with that one a little bit.

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