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October 10, 2008



haha...i feel your pain. i just sent out a newsletter to my mailing list, right, and in the first sentence i talk about updating the shope. the shope? what the world.

apparently the normal me who calls shops shops was in negotiations with the schmancy version of me (who calls them shoppes), and they were taking too long, so my typing fingers reached a compromise on their own.

i seriously debated sending out a second email to my entire mailing list just to point out that i do know that shope is not a word, but i decided there's probably no faster way to have a bunch of people hit "unsubscribe." and so i am living with the horror.


Suzann Oppenlander

We all have moments like these. I do it all the time and I'm the most anal-retentive person I know. Shhhh. don't tell anyone.

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